Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday 9

Okay, so my Saturday 9 is quickly becoming my Monday Morning Memes.I can't figure out how to get subscribed to the Saturday 9 so that the questions are sent to me. So I go to my friend Kristen's blog and copy the questions from her blog. How lame is that? Sorry, I just don't know much about computers or the web. Heck, it's a miracle that I'm able to blog, even as rare as that is.

Here are this week's quesitons:

1. Tell us about a time that you had way too much Jose' Cuervo. Um....Never, I've never tasted the stuff.

2. Do you agree with the following statement: "The older you get, the faster time goes by". Absolutely, I mean I know in reality time does not speed up, but it sure seems that way. When your babies aren't babies anymore, and you are constantly in a rush, just to keep up with them, I just wish it would slow back down again. The older I get the more difficult it is to get everything done in a 24 hour period is a more accurate statement.

3. What do you usually do in your down time? I am a an NCIS fanatic, so I love to curl up with my heating pad (cause my back is usually hurting) and just watch some good NCIS, or if that's not available, I love to read, right now particularly about nutrition, and sometimes, I just paint and that takes me away from this world.

4. When it comes to the opposite sex do you feel you have a grasp on them - or do they continue to surprise you? If I had been asked this same question 15-20 years ago, I would have definitely said I have a grasp on them, but I've grown a lot in the last 22 years, and so has my spouse, and he has surprised me quite a few times over the last several years.

5. What is your hometown famous for? Piggie Park a drive-in resturant is pretty famous around here, but even more recently and more widely known is the Zack Brown Band, yep, he came from little ole' T-town. As a matter of fact, I used to babysit one of his band members--isn't that a hoot!

6. How many romantic relationships have you had? Well, romance is not exactly dear hubbys specialty, but he does try, on occasion, when it's like our anniversary or something special.

7. What is the best concert you have ever been to? Well, I've only been to one, it was a Point of Grace concert, and it was nice, but I guess I'm just SO MUCH NOT a fan of LOUDNESS, that I really truly didn't enjoy it that much, and is probably the reason I haven't gone to another one.

8. Which famous person would you like to meet? I can't really say that I would particularly LIKE to meet a famous person. They are just people, so there is not anyone I really particularly admire that happens to be famous that would drive me to want to meet them. However, if I did meet someone famous, it would be pretty neat I suppose.

9. Has a newspaper or television reporter ever interviewed you? If so, what were the circumstances and what did you think when you read what you said? I'm content to say, that I have never been interviewed by a newspaper or television reporter. I am more the keep to myself type anyway.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Great Fairy Rescue Playset)

 The above picture is of my version of the Fairy House from Tinkerbell's movie, "The Great Fairy Rescue". I made this for a sweet little girl that I babysit that turned 4 on Monday. I can't wait to give it to her today when she comes over! I know the pic is a little blurry, my son took it with his phone, but if you click on it to open as a file it should get larger for you to view. Let me know how you think I did on it! I love comments.