Monday, September 27, 2010

Coming Soon Soap Nuts Review and Giveaway

I will be reviewing and hosting a giveaway of SoapNuts towards the end of this week. Check back soon for dates and guidelines for the giveaway. Tell your friends!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


A BIG Thank you to my friend navyfrugalista over at who helped make my blog look more purdy! I couldn't have done it without her, REALLY, I couldn't, Lame, I know. Thanks so much. I'm so blessed to have such great bloggy friends.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


 The following post is a guest post from a friend. You can read more of her posts over at I loved it so much,(because it sounds a lot like me) and she is a really talented writer.* This post was copied with permission from Kristen-- my un-copyright convictions do not apply here. You must have her permission if you wish to copy.

Okay, here goes with question #11...and it asks for...another picture of you and your friends.

Bleh. What's with all the pic requests, anyway?

Being that I hate pictures of myself and tend to avoid them at all costs, I'm going to go rogue on this one and post a friend-related topic instead. It's my blog and I can do that sort of thing, so there. It's actually not even totally off-topic, as I'll explain why I don't have scores upon scores of pictures of myself and my friends - at least, not current pictures. I'm sure there are many old school pics floating around here somewhere, but none that I'm up to unearthing and scanning tonight.

The reason that I don't have many recent pictures of myself with friends is that *gasp* I just plain don't have that many friends.

No, no...don't feel bad for me. It's not a totally bad thing. I have lots of really great acquaintances...people that I see pretty regularly, whose company I enjoy, who have kids that are my kids' friends, etc. But my definition of "friend" is pretty precise, and I only apply that title to a select few.

And why is that, you ask? Am I that terribly selective about who I call my friend? Do I have a three-mile long checklist of qualities that a person must possess before they're "good enough" to hang around with on a regular basis? Pffft, no, nothing like that. I do have a few criteria, of course - I think we all do. I wouldn't call my standards low by any means, but they're certainly not impossible.

That aside, there's a two-fold reason that I don't have many true friends.

1) I'm kind of a homebody. Okay, I'm a lot of a homebody. I'd rather be at my house, with my family, than anywhere else in the world. (Even though I dream about escaping from all of them pretty much on a daily basis, but you know I'd miss them if I actually got away.) Sure, I like to travel and see new things and spend time with other people, but not all the time. I have no urge to dip my fingers into everything that goes on locally, to be a part of every organization, to participate in every event, to have my kids in every possible activity. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but just the thought of all that go-go-go stresses me right out. My goal is for more calmness, for myself and my children. They'll have plenty of time to run in circles when they're older. I want to be with them and just enjoy them as much as possible while they're little.

This...quirk of mine isn't without drawbacks, of course. Because I'm not ever present at social events, I assume that others assume I'm anti-social or not interested in being around them (based on the shocking lack of invitations I receive of late.) That's not true, and it kind of stinks, but I'm not going to change my loathing of running-all-the-time in order to seek out scads of friendships.

2) My biggest requirement for forming a friendship is time. Now, this may seem to be in opposition to what I've just written, but it's not. The thing is, I'm never going to be your best friend overnight; I'm just not wired that way. To be my honest-to-goodness friend, you're going to have to get to know me. And yeah, that might not be the easiest thing to do, given that I'm not going to move into your house or talk to you on the phone all day. But if someone consistently shows interest in being a friend...checks in via email or text, calls sometimes, invites us to join them on playdates, that sort of thing...well, I'll certainly do the same for them. I'm a big believer in "do unto others", after all. And no, I don't mean that my potential friend has to do all the work, although the ones that do know me best understand that I'm not usually the one to plan the outings.

And that is why I claim two, count 'em two, really wonderful friends. They are ladies who understand my quirks and tolerate me anyway, and thank God for them. My friends are that much more precious to me because they are so few in number.

I'll admit, I do get down about it once in a while. After all, I try so hard to be friendly to everyone, and as a general rule, I bend over backward to help anyone who asks. On my down days, I wonder why on earth being friendly isn't enough for some people, why I'm not included in this activity or the other. Sometimes it does sting. But me being me, what else can I do about it?

Not a thing.

So I remind myself that each of my two most wonderful friends were received into my life at precisely the moment that I needed them most. Yes, I remember the exact dates, times and locations, and why I needed them so much. I remember the relief I felt within minutes of first meeting them. And I'm grateful for them, every single day.

There. Ask ME for another picture, why dontcha!

Congrats to the Dill Family

Congratulations to my dear friend and her family. They found out they were expecting a baby this week! Lots of Love to them. She has a wonderful site called "The Dilli-o" check it out sometime. Can't wait for cutie pie baby Dill #3 to get here in May!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food for Thought

Some of you may not know this, but I have a soap box. Tonight, I've decided to step up on it for a bit. So if you've never heard of a peach on a soap box, here it is.

I recently had a topic brought to my attention once again. The idea of returning food items that had not been used for a refund on said items. My aunt and I as well as my daughter and I have had this conversation quite a bit in the last year or so. My aunt works for a warehouse club in her state and my daughter works for a chain grocer. I suppose, before then I had never really given any thought to it, mainly, because it had never occurred to me to return food items unless there was spoilage involved and I had purchased well within the "sell by" date. If you bought something that is intended for food, then you were to eat it. If you bought it without the intention of eating it yourself, then you must intend to donate it to someone in need. I never knew how big of a issue it is for people to return food, just because. There was nothing wrong with the food. The packaging had not been damaged or tampered with, perhaps they just changed their mind, none-the-less, they just wanted their money back. All the while not realizing the ramifications of what they were and are doing. 

Apparently, I've led quite a sheltered life for the last several years. As my aunt and daughter and I would have these conversations more and more, I started doing a little research on my own. The number of items returned in one chain alone can be astronomical. Some would argue that their reasons for returning an item was because they came to realize that it contained something they no longer wanted to put into their bodies. That's fine, I think for me and my family we should be more careful of what we eat. Yet, that does not mean I am going to let my bag of white rice go to waste in my pantry. Nor does it mean I am going to return it to the store for a refund. We will incorporate it into our diets along with brown rice. Now is this the optimum choice for our diets, probably not, but let's face facts, food is NOT cheap.

Now, let us discuss why it is not cheap. There are several factors, the economy, the price of raising/growing food has risen, packaging, costs of production to package said products--you get the picture. But did you ever consider that all of those people who return food for refunds for no particular reason (or at least no good reason) are driving up the prices of your groceries? I can't say exclusively that all items are marked damaged and thrown out, for the simple reason that I am not God, nor can I be all places at all times. However, as a general rule when food items are returned, no matter how or what they are packaged in, they are marked damaged and thrown away!

I find this to be appalling considering there are so many AMERICAN children going hungry on a daily basis. Some would argue that they want to send the manufacturers a message that they don't want certain chemicals in their foods. These persons would be grossly mistaken. The only way to have a manufacturer acknowledge a complaint, suggestion or any other comment, is to contact that manufacturer. The items that get returned, get a fat DAMAGED stamp and thrown out. Have I mentioned enough times how food gets thrown out when you return it?

No one, not the store, not the manufacturer, not the insurance companies for either parties wants to be responsible for food that has been in someone else's possession. If you are responsible for this type of action, then you know who you are. I am certainly not going to come knocking on your door with the grocery police. What you must realize though is, that you are partly to blame for the inflation of groceries in this country. The price of groceries have risen 25 - 40% in the last five years and less. Now, you may be fortunate enough that this is no big deal to you. You and your household make plenty of money- that kind of an increase is not going to affect you. Quit driving up the price of groceries on the backs of the average working person's paycheck. We have got to stop living in such a way that we have no regard for the rest of the folks out there. I have no issue with helping those in other countries, I am quite the advocate for foreign missions actually. When we show no compassion for the human condition that is in our back door though-- we look pretty stupid to the other countries we are trying to help. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but sometimes I wonder, just what are we thinking?

So the next time you are at the grocer, think about your purchases before you buy them. Seriously, get off your cell phone, look at your list (if you didn't make one, you should have), please don't buy it if you are just going to return it. Maybe you have no intention of returning it when you buy it-- if you find that you are not going to use it yourself, donate it to your local food bank.It is certainly no secret that food banks nation wide are running low and turning people away, some are even closing. If your community doesn't have one, find a family to donate some items to. I'm sure if you just take a minute to look, you'll easily find someone.

Okay, the peach is off the soapbox now, it is nicely tucked away in the corner where it usually stays.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Won Something!!!

Can I get a Woot-Woot!! I just won a free giveaway from! I'm so excited! This is my first win ever! It was an Emergency Supply kit from the NYC Ad council. Check it out if you like over at her site.
I have some things in the works to start some reviews and giveaways of my own. So stop in occasionally to check them out! But for now, I'm going to go do the happy dance. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

No-Labor Labor Day

Today is Labor Day. Usually around my house that means as little labor as possible on this fine holiday. I love having an extra day, to not have to plan to do anything, and to almost have a day off. Well, I am a homemaker and that is virtually an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a day off when you are AT your WORKPLACE, virtually 24/7.

I do plan to do a few things. Wash a load of towels, maybe work on some crafts for Christmas (yeah, it's approaching quickly), whip up a little something for dinner. I might even get the urge to start a new painting. But not likely. Geesh, if I get those three things done, don't you think that's enough for a holiday that is supposed to  relieve you from you labor for one day?Oh, and one more thing I might squeeze in, a nap, I've been meaning to do that for a while now.  Happy No-Labor Labor Day to ya!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bear With Me

Okay, I'm fairly new to this bloggin stuff. So bear with me while I try to build it up, share a little about what's on my mind, maybe a recipe or two (oh yeah, we're totally changing the way we eat, I'll tell ya more about that later), and let's not forget my occasional soap box (I try to keep it tucked in the corner, but the darn thing just keeps sneaking out). Thanks, Peachy-- yes, I will always go by that nickname, it's about the only one I've ever had, and my best bloggin buds gave it to me.