eh hum...LARRY BARS (sold under popular brand name)
2 c. cashews (salted, unsalted, raw- whatever your preference, I like the salty/sweet combo so I used salted)
1 8 oz. pkg. dates (make sure you check the ing. on pkg. for no added sugar, unless of course you want added sugar)
1/2 t. vanilla, or lemon zest, or orange zest, or lime zest, or all three, or whatever flavoring you like

You will need a food processor, this is a must. First, grind nuts almost to a nut butter stage, but not quite. Second add your vanilla and your dates. Let the food processor rip until you wind up with a ball that just keeps circling the processor. Or in my case, the blade was just spinning while all the stuff sat packed around the edges. If this happens to you, be sure you check to see that all the dates are thoroughly pulverized beyond recognition. I had some little chunks, so I scraped down the sides and pulsed again a few times. Then I was happy. In a small square pan, (no bigger than 8x8), but I prefer my biscuit pan, about 5x7, coat the bottom and sides with some butter or coconut oil, press mixture really tight into pan. If you have a bacon press, now would be a good time to pull it out and use it. Next, cover pan w/ plastic wrap and place in fridge for a couple of hours. Cut into small bars and either store in pan or if your ambitious enough, individually wrap each one. I'm not that ambitious, besides, they won't make it to see the light of Wednesday here.

*Note, you can also use raw pecans, peanuts, almonds and get creative with your flavors. I think I might try cherry almond next time. I'll just throw in some dried cherries with the dates. If you can't find dates, I think raisins would probably work well too. The brand name Lara bars, the pecan one tastes like pecan pie, yum!