This blog is un-copyrighted. It's author Peachy, has released claims on her copyright on posts and thoughts written by her. No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the writings of this author. Credit is appreciated, but not required. All materials, quotes, exerts, etc from other authors will be referenced.

    Terms and Conditions for copying:
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  2. Link back to downroadslesstraveled only if you feel like it.
  3. Do not feel obligated to make me aware of your decision.
Copyright stems from a protective mindset, one that believes the creator owns his/her work, and must protect said ownership in order to profit from that work. The creator will share his/her work with others , but only at a price, and anyone who takes without paying, or uses it as a basis for further creations, is stealing.
That is the copyright mindset. It can be stressful, turn selfish, greedy, and zap the joy from the creation for the artist and the potential copyright violator who may or may not know the law.
The un-copyright mindset is that of someone who gives without the guarantee of profit, who lets go of ownership for the benefit of others. He/She hopes to contribute to the world in a small way, and if others use his/her contribution then that's a good thing. And if others use his/her contribution to create something new and beautiful, then that's a wonderful thing.
Owning things brings only temporary joy. But doing, helping others, creating, living for God is what brings true joy, lasting change and legacy. Besides, if I give you something, you can't really steal it anyway.