Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breaks are Good

Sometimes we just have to sit back and take a break from it all. Although, I have taken a break from blogging, it doesn't seem as though I've really had a break. Actually, I've gotten a lot done. We recently took a sort of mini-vacation to visit my aunt in Charlotte. It was anything but a rest. We were constantly on the go. But it was still fun. We took the kids to the largest mall any of us po-dunks have ever seen. It was a monstrosity!! 4 miles long!! My poor feet and legs. They haven't walked that much at one time in quite a while.

I made up a bunch of tutu's, hoping to sell some for some extra cash. Yeah, that didn't work. Although they are adorable! I will probably let the two little girls I babysit use them as dress up clothes. I've also made several hairbows for the baby's birthday next week, and a little hide and seek game that I'm putting together. I'll explain that in a minute. Now I am working on things in my yard as well as making a fairy play house for the older little girl's birthday coming up in January.

For my yard, I now have a fish hanging on a tree- he's my fish out of water. I also have a fairy shadow, tons of bubbles- yes bubbles floating around in various bushes and such. I have several butterfly clips on one bush, it's my butterfly bush of course. I am also working on making a bench. I rescued two cement pillars that will serve as the base. I have a mirror frame (in hot pink of course) that I plan to make a mosaic seat from. I have various pebbles, tumbled glass pieces and a ton of watch faces I plan to put in the mosaic. Pictures will follow, hopefully-- you know I have to rely on my kids to help with that.

Okay, the hide and seek game. I took a little wooden box, found 3 painted wooden puppies in a craft store and I'm making paw prints on card stock with simple directions on, "look for me under a pillow", or "look for me in the kitchen". This is for a gift for the baby... I know she will only be 1, but she understands commands very well, plus her big sister can help I'm sure. As for the fairy house, well, the older one is just obsessed with Tinkerbell, so I decided I would make her a play house mimicking the one in the latest movie, "The Great Fairy Rescue".

Well, I need to get in the yard and work on that bench, it's not going to make itself-- wishful thinking.

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